Welcome to the Listening Room Counselling Service

we are experienced counsellors based in Shropshire. Our therapists are accredited counsellors who have lots of experience working in private practice, in schools and outdoors offering Equine-Assisted Pyschotherapy.

How we can help you

We work in a very individual way with each client, offering a confidential and safe environment in which to explore thoughts and feelings. Whatever your dilemma, maybe you have suffered a trauma or bereavement and are finding it difficult to cope, perhaps you’re suffering with anxiety, depression. Whether you need help with issues from your past or issues in your everyday life, working with a qualified counsellor, on a one to one basis and at your own pace can be very beneficial. By listening to you with empathy and understanding and by making you feel valued and accepted, we will form a trusting relationship enabling you to talk confidentially about your worries, without feeling judged.

We believe that by you gaining a new insight and understanding of yourself, your relationships, your life and your difficulties, you will develop a greater sense of awareness of your behaviour and thinking. With the support of a counsellor, you will understand alternative ways of thinking and behaving. This can be achieved by exploring your problems and concerns more fully, so that you are able to make decisions that will enable you to make positive and lasting changes in your life.


The Listening Room 4 Schools offers a student support service for young people who find themselves struggling. We are accredited counsellors trained to listen in a safe and confidential environment, where we offer support and guidance on a one to one basis.

For more information please visit our website dedicated to our work in schools: www.thelisteningroom4schools.co.uk