Online Counselling

What to expect from on-line counselling?

On line counselling is an alternative to room-based counselling, and due to the coronavirus pandemic, many counsellors are now working on-line.

You will need a safe and secure environment to be able to explore your thoughts and feelings and together we can look at better ways of coping to bring about the changes you need in your life. An important part of counselling is that you feel heard and understood. This is no different for face to face, on-line and the equine sessions we offer.

For some on-line counselling is easier to access and fits in better with their life style or working hours. All you will need is a laptop, computer, tablet, or mobile phone, you need to make sure that the device has a microphone and camera and that they are working.

We will send you a video link (zoom video conferencing) via your email address and when we connect up at a pre arrange date and time. On the first session we will discuss how sessions are going to work and the practicalities such as contracting and client info to ensure we both know what procedures are in place if the connection is interrupted. We have had specific training to work on-line and certification is available upon request.

To view a previously recorded session, please click this link;